Sitemap - 2020 - Brutal South

‘Try and save my poor Versailles!’

Pour one out for Fred Merkle

Episode 16: This bear kills fascists

Solidarity forever, y’all

Episode 15: Cowboy like me

Charity, the audiobook (Part 1)

Charity, the audiobook (Parts 1-3)

Charity, Part 3

Charity, Part 2

Charity, Part 1

Episode 14: Making it through December

Reading the Bible with Marco Rubio

I would like to be your next men’s football coach

Episode 13: Landlord problems

Movement and repose

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Episode 12: Blast beats for the working class (preview)

Episode 12: Blast beats for the working class

Episode 11: Singing sparrows, snapping shrimp

Against editorial boards

Hope for everything. Expect nothing.

Newspapers real and imagined

Going to church with Donald Trump

The horror of the land planarian

Brutalist field trip: North Charleston

Episode 10: Power to the nurses

Read anything good lately?

Tracking the elusive tax dodge

Get your stickers! + Some more writing jams

Episode 9: Good news for people who love local news

When they call you a communist

On David Graeber

Ambient music for the chronically un-chill

“America is not a racist country”

Going to the peace table

Big chihuahua energy

Episode 8: Lord Mammon

The meaning of labor

Episode 7: Listen to the teachers

Workshopping the Mississippi flag

Diner scene

Living with the noonday demon

Building a public database of police weapons

Tale as old as time

All hail the mysterious gap

A brutal year

Episode 6: Ain't no laws

Ain't no laws (full episode)

The persistence of false memory

It's like a newsletter for your ears

Episode 5: White picket geofence

Police grenade launchers: A civilian owner’s manual

Episode 4: The patina of politeness

The church, the boss, and the company town

There’s no money in telling the truth

Podcast brainstorming session

Episode 3: You might be a racist

The panopticon for morons

Office politics at the end of the world

Episode 2: Psychedelic empathy

Songs of ruin and lamentation

Episode 1: How to buy books during a pandemic

It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where your attorney general is?

Horror and my anxious heart

Fighting for my mental health

Cthulhu in the swamp

The trouble with voting in Texas

Please ignore Tom Steyer

Nostalgia for the present

Fighting about architecture

Who voted for the voting machines?

A history of subversive book recommendations

For the emo kids who never cheered up

The real debate is in the streets

How teachers can win

Save South Carolina schools, for Robert Smalls’ sake