Nov 9, 2020 • 8M

Episode 12: Blast beats for the working class (preview)

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Paul Bowers
On struggles, schooling, and raw concrete in the dirty dirty south. A companion podcast to the Brutal South newsletter.
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My guest is Ian Nix, lead vocalist and songwriter for the South Carolina metal band WVRM.

If you follow heavy music, WVRM probably falls into genre labels like grindcore and death metal. If you don't follow heavy metal, well, it's extreme. It's guttural music played over blast beats. I'll be using clips throughout the show from their latest album Colony Collapse, which came out earlier this year.

Ian is a native of the South Carolina Upstate, which is probably the most culturally conservative part of the state, and he brought a fresh perspective on the history and culture of this place we call home. Also, the album just rips. I'm a fan, y'all.