Sitemap - 2021 - Brutal South

Going through a tunnel

Wikifest 2021: A pickle for the knowing ones (w/ Michael Baumann)

Stand for America and fall for anything

Is Gabriel Boric a Swiftie?

On earth, peace

Some letters to Santa

If I wanted to destroy public schools, I'm not sure what I'd do differently

The 2021 Weirdly Specific Holiday Book Guide

Satan, reviewed

29: The Lord God Bird is dead (w/ Matt Drury)

South Carolina's armory for the next civil war

Nikki Haley's dull war on socialism

28: Long knives and haunted plantations (w/ Michael Smallwood)

Marked for death

Contemplating death with Colin Powell

27: "Critical race theory" (w/ Davíd G. Martínez & AJ Davis)

Disturbing schools

I keep writing these songs

Who is my neighbor?

House passes bill to combat Goose Creek Syndrome

Escape from the body

Pieties of the pro-death right

Two decades of imperial dramaturgy

Inventing a guy to get mad at

This court needs better jesters

Blueprint for a race panic

Not now sweetie, Daddy’s cyberbullying the governor

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Writing is dead

Hope and labor

T-shirts, public records, a new album, a book in the works ...

Playing with FOIA


Episode 26: Executing grace (w/ Shane Claiborne)

I would like to be Clemson's head football coach

When concrete fails

My interview with Mr. Death

Plantation H*ck: Ugly as Sin Edition

This might all be gone when you grow up

A makeshift killing machine

Plantation H*ck: McMaster's House

Brutalist churchgazing

25: Black swamp metal (w/ Eddie Newman)

The weight of correspondence

Help me pick a T-shirt design

It's time to break some guns

'Your survival is your resistance'

24: Okra soup (w/ Amethyst Ganaway)

Did you hear they canceled God?

I would like to be your next university president

Twang against the machine

Stop saying “job creator”

23: Ghost in the machine (w/ Gardnsound)

George Floyd’s murder was not a sacrifice

The Southern Belle of Legoland

5 theses about possum memes

22: Dress your baby in a union onesie (w/ The State News Guild)

Speaking for Goliath

Plantation H*ck: The Georgia governor's mansion

Art scene report: Ladson, S.C.

21: Y’all are welcome (w/ Jim Conrad)

The conscience round

20: Something out of nothing (w/ Shovels & Rope)

I only watch horror movies

All eyes on Alabama

Episode 19: They can linger in our memory like ghosts

Weirdly specific Tennessee values

Brutal South Roadtrip: Tuskegee

Plantation H*ck: Apocalypse under the oaks

The small beacon in that terrifying darkness

Introducing the Country Cringe Hall of Fame

A field guide to Christofascism

Episode 18: Raw concrete (feat. Kate Wagner)

Against civility

Episode 17: A free college manifesto