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Dec 11, 2019Liked by Paul Bowers

I eagerly anticipate (and quickly devour) all of your wonderful Brutal South newsletters, and this one really hit home. I worked as a reporter/editor in a newsroom that completely demoralized me and followed up that job with working for a magazine that had so little care about their writers that they told the entire editorial staff the magazine had gone bankrupt and they were all out of a job and had to clean out their desks by 5 p.m. on Friday—at 3 p.m. that same Friday. This was my breaking point, and now I work in book publishing (which isn't much better in terms of job security/pay/worker respect, but at least I no longer feel that stomach-churning anxiety, which you described so eloquently, over every single word in every story I wrote). Thanks for creating Brutal South, and thank you for taking the time to choose an ethically sound service to process payments for subscribers! It means a lot!

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