Thank you for speaking at Berkeley County School Board meeting tonight. I am retired and want to say voices like yours make a difference.

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Everyone needs to know that instructor autonomy goes beyond the teacher's need to present subject matter honestly. Every student is different; a teacher needs the freedom to respond to them as individuals. The lack of instructor autonomy is bad for kids ... regardless of the curriculum.

This afflicts 'red' and 'blue' alike. I'm glad that in my 'liberal' town in the Midwest, teachers are allowed to teach history, science, and health honestly. But our liberal school board mandates curriculum and pedagogy so rigidly that it drives away creative and dedicated teachers.

I don't live in SC, so I won't be signing any petition specific to that state. But I think it's important for all dedicated teachers across the country to stand up for each other.

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Why would I want my kid to learn that there’s more than 2 genders?

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Regular reader of your work. Will become a paid subscriber for life once I get a few more dollars in my budget.

Just wanted to say thank you for the work you do. The internet is full of weightless things. Your writing has weight.

I am a private school teacher who specializes in helping kids who have severe learning disabilities.

Before my current job, I was fired from another private school for assigning the book "Lies My Teacher Told Me" by the late James Loewen. I know the pain of teacher censorship on a personal level.

Thank you for covering this important topic.

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Teachers need to remember they are DOING A JOB and that’s it!!

Just like the rest of us who work. I don’t go to work preaching about this or that. I do a job. End of!

Teachers are not the voice of reason, a political party, a medical professional or the parent, they are there to teach a child “how to” and that’s it!

Teachers think they can say what they want, brain wash and distort facts!! No no and No unacceptable!

I am well aware of the university curriculum a teacher is required to know and trust me when I say, I chose to get a business degree because it was INTELLECTUALLY, MATHEMATICALLY, AND ALL AROUND MORE CHALLENGING than the simple mind numbing curriculum to become a “teacher” that typically a lazy minded person would choose, who wants a steady job & career that gets paid not to work in summer and doesn’t require a lot of work or intelligence to achieve.

I always enjoyed the back and forth banter between my child’s, ah hem quote unquote teachers, as I attempted to challenge them intellectually. Lol. Still brings my so much joy thinking about it, so many years later. I went against my rule of never engaging in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent and would purposefully engage just to give back to them a taste of torment they spew on our children everyday.

Oh and let’s not forget how my child came home with a speech impediment due to the “newly” released indoctrinated degreed “teacher” from university who spoke with a valley girl, fry voice and brought that unintelligible voice into my young child’s brain. I had to tell my child that he was making fun of her speech talking like that and she was handicapped and we don’t make fun of handicapped people. Thankfully that worked and my child stopped talking like a moronic fry voiced valley girl.

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Fine writer and reader of Substack—we are starting a movement to get a poetry section added to the platform. Can I ask, are you with us?


If so, please consider clicking the above link and liking the Notes post—leave a comment or even share within your own community. Poetry lives on in the minds of hearts of writers, it breathes on the page.

Your voice can be heard among the starry illuminations, howling at the moon.

Thank you for your time and support.

Love and appreciation,


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It's truly alarming how bills like these are popping up more and more. Then, you have these trojan horse parent groups storming school board meetings and taking over school boards because they are "concerned" when really all they want is more control

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(The) low regard for teachers and the teaching profession ... is driving both the teacher shortage and the refusal to accept even the possibility that we might not be able to convince enough people to willingly submit themselves to the abuse and contempt that is currently the case. As a retired teacher, I can guarantee you the teacher shortage has yet to actually begin. The problems are many and varied, but can ANY problem in education be solved if there is no one standing in front of the class?

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